Seyad Home Industries Private Limited
Seyad Home Industries Private Limited (SHIPL) is primarily engaged in the manufacturer of beedi and selling the same to its parent Company viz., Seyadu Beedi Company.

SHIPL was incorporated on 24.10.2002 engaged in the manufacture of beedies through its seven branches located in a different geographical location in the district.

The Chief objective of floating SHIPL was to corporatize the activities of beedi manufacturing and to expand the horizon of its business by entering in to large scale of operation in the field.

The Company was started with an authorized capital of Rs 100 lacs which is now increased to Rs 225 lacs. The paid up capital stood at Rs 12 lacs as on 31 March 2003 has been increased Rs 208.5 lacs.

The company is well managed by the team of Directors under the leadership of Mr F.Seyad Rabbani,Managing Direcor of the Company.